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DF3500 and DF3498 Type Offset Link Chain
    • DF3500 and DF3498 Type Offset Link Chain

Type Offset Link Chain

Our DF3500 and DF3498 type offset link chain products come with forged inner link plates, and the former comes with bended sidebars while the latter comes with straight sidebars. Due to the slight space between the inner plate and the outer plate, this range of product supports axially bending to suit application demands.

The outer link plates are available with 90 degree arc shaped edge, or 2×45° chamfer angled edge. The inner ones are also designed with 2×45° chamfer angles. These designs effectively avoid injuries to workers caused by sharp sidebar edges during installation.

The external surfaces of the outer sidebars, the both side surfaces of the inner sidebars, as well as the top circle of the pins, all undergo high frequency induction heat treatment. This increases the wearing resistance of the offset link chain. This range of conveyor chain is typically used in box-packaged dairy product conveying lines.


Type Offset Link ChainType Offset Link Chain
DF3498DF3500& DF3910


Type Offset Link Chain

Chain no.Pitch P (mm)Inner width of inner link b1 (mm)Height of sidebar b2 (mm)Thickness of sidebar T (mm)Diameter of pin d2 (mm)Length of pin L (mm)Min. sideward bending radius R mmTensile strength Q (min) KNWeight per meter q (kg/m)


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