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Steel Welded Scraper Conveyor Chain for Grain Machines
    • Steel Welded Scraper Conveyor Chain for Grain Machines

Scraper Chain for Grain Machines (Welded Steel Chain)

The welded steel chain is also called scraper chain, and is widely used throughout the grain processing industry. It is compatible with abrasive materials, and mainly supports low speed load carrying. Additionally, it is able to work in severe environments with heavy dust and strong impacts.
This type of conveyor chain is composed of bended sidebars which are exactly the same. The sidebars are connected with each other directly without other types of link plates. The chain link can be either odd or even number. The sleeve and sidebars are welded together, which ensures simple but durable structure.
In order to make scraper chains with improved quality and extended service life, we adopt automatic welding robots to weld the bushing and sidebar together. The precision equipment guarantees uniform and stable welding quality. Meanwhile, we conduct inspections according to the Quality Control Standard of international leading roller chain manufacturers. Additionally, according to the proportion of 5%, our welded steel chain products undergo conduct destructive tests to ensure approved welding quality. Our patented high frequency induction heating treatment for the pins offers higher strength while improving the wearing resistance.


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