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Analysis of a variety of stainless steel roller chain

Have already visited 7206/28/2022

The stainless steel roller chain is used as a mechanical transmission is generally a metal ring or chain ring. General identification of the transmission chain mainly from the transmission chain accuracy, appearance, elongation and so on. Stainless steel roller chain is divided into drive with double-pitch roller chain, single-pitch roller chain, heavy-duty transmission with bent plate roller chain, short-pitch roller chain, long-pitch conveyor chain, double-speed conveyor chain, plate chain, etc. .

The difference between single-pitch roller chain and double-pitch roller chain:

1. Plate chain is a hanging chain consisting of a chain plate and a shaft.

2.stainless steel roller chain is able to use in medicine, water and high temperature special environment such as stainless steel chain.

3. The standard transmission roller chain is a general transmission roller chain based on JIS and ANSI specifications.

4. The specification attachment chain is the chain which attaches the attachment on the specification roller chain for the transmission.

5. Double-pitch attachment roller chain is attached to the double-pitch roller chain chain attached to the chain, mainly used for conveying.

6. Rust-proof chains are nickel-plated chains.

stainless steel roller chain: the part material is stainless steel, this kind of chain is suitable for the food industry and is easy to be corroded by the chemistry, the medicine and so on the occasion uses, but also can be used in the high and low temperature occasion.

stainless steel roller chain

stainless steel roller chain appearance check

1. Whether the joint loose deformation

2. Whether there is abnormal sound or abnormal vibration during operation, whether the lubrication condition of the transmission chain is good

3. Whether the roller cracks, damage. Excessive wear

4. Whether the inner/outer chain is deformed, cracked or etched

5. Whether the pin is deformed or turned, embroidered or etched

The above article is about the stainless steel roller chain sharing today, if interested, you can pay attention to us, if you have any questions can contact us.

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