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Maintenance of roller chain conveyor

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Roller chain conveyors as an important line of conveyor equipment won the favor of the majority of users. It can be applied to food, beverage, electronics, electrical and light industries. Roller chain conveyor has a very flexible form of transportation, can fully and effectively use the space, can be designed for various types of single-use, and can be very convenient and other conveyor supporting equipment. So how does the roller chain conveyor normally maintained?

The Roller chain conveyor shall be supervised by a regular person during the working process. The caretaker must have the general technical knowledge and be familiar with the performance of the conveyor.


The enterprise shall establish maintenance, repair, and safe operation procedures for the roller chain conveyor equipment to be followed by the caretaker. The caretaker must have a succession system.


roller chain conveyor

Roller chain conveyor feed should be uniform, not too much feed so that the feed hopper is full of material and overflow.


The roller chain conveyor shall be kept under constant observation of the operation of its components, and shall be inspected for loose bolts and tightened promptly. However, it is forbidden to clean and repair the running parts of the conveyor while the conveyor is in operation.


The roller chain conveyor shall not be approached by any person other than a caretaker during its operation; no person shall touch any rotating part. When a fault occurs, it must be stopped immediately to eliminate the fault. The breakdown that does not have excessive influence on the work, should make a record when waiting for the overhaul to eliminate.


The tail assembly of the screw tension device should be adjusted to keep the conveyor belt with a normal working tension. The caretaker shall constantly observe the working condition of the conveyor belt and shall decide whether to replace it immediately or replace it when it needs repair, depending on the degree of damage to the conveyor belt (whether it has an impact on production or not). The removed conveyor belt shall be used for another purpose depending on the degree of wear.


The roller chain conveyor is supervised by observing its working condition, cleaning, lubrication, and checking and adjusting the screw tension device.


A Roller chain conveyor should normally start without load and stop after unloading.


roller chain conveyor

The roller chain conveyor must be fully serviced every 6 months except for the normal lubrication and replacement of individual damaged parts during operation. When overhaul must eliminate in use and recorded faults, replacement of damaged parts and replacement of lubricating oil


Enterprises can be based on the working conditions of the conveyor maintenance cycle.


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