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Why is industrial roller chain corroded?

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No matter what kind of chain we use in life, it is easy to rust after a long time of use, so the same is true of the industrial roller chain used in the factory. Such a situation is easy to occur after a long time of use and without doing a good job in maintenance. Specifically, what is the reason for this?


The quality of antirust lubricating oil, clean kerosene, and other products used in the production of the enterprise does not meet the requirements of technical specifications.


In the production process of the industrial chain, the company did not strictly follow the cleaning, rust prevention regulations, and oil seal rust prevention packaging requirements on the finished chain during the processing and assembly of chain parts. If the chain contacts corrosive liquid or gas.


industrial roller chain

The environmental conditions of some enterprises are poor, the content of harmful substances in the air is high, and the turnover space is too small to carry out effective rust prevention treatment. In addition, the weather is hot, and there are many phenomena such as production workers violating rust prevention regulations.


As the price of chain steel has fallen, again and again, the material of chain steel has also gradually declined. For example, the content of non-metallic impurities in steel is too high (the increase of sulfur content in steel reduces the corrosion resistance of the material itself), and the deviation of metallographic structure. The quality of steel is uneven.


This is why the industrial roller chain will rust. I believe that after this introduction, you will also have some understanding of this!


If you want to buy an Industrial roller chain with excellent quality, you might as well choose DongChuanChain with rich experience, a total quality management system, a series of testing instruments, advanced testing methods, and uncompromising testing standards to ensure the production quality of industrial roller chain.

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