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How Do I maintain a double roller chain?

Have already visited 4207/19/2022

The double roller chain will become loose and even disjointed after long-term use of excessive wear, so how to prevent chain slackening from such problems?


First, we should improve the tension of the double roller chain to prevent wear and dislocation of the chain. To reduce the wear and tightness of the double roller chain we can choose better quality so that you can improve the accuracy of gear processing and surface hardness.


double roller chain

Secondly, the double roller chain should be installed in parallel with the chain shaft, and correct alignment, which can effectively reduce the wear of the chain, otherwise it will lead to the double roller chain and chain shaft deviation, wear and tear of the double roller chain is exacerbated. We improved the tightness of the double roller chain by replacing two golden screws with four, which made the operation easier and made the operation of the double roller chain safer.


Maintenance of the double roller chain:

1. Do not keep the double roller chain in a wet place, which can easily lead to rust and corrosion of the double roller chain.

Do not place the double roller chain in direct sunlight or at high temperatures. This will cause the chain to deform.

3. Stay away from areas where chemicals are present.


Dongchuan Chain was founded in 2000, has more than 400 professional Chain and sprocket production equipment, and has successfully passed API and ISO9001 certification, if you want to know more information about double roller Chain, please feel free to consult us.

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