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How to guarantee the service life of the industrial roller chain?

Have already visited 12110/25/2022

The industrial roller chain is a type of chain drive used for the transmission of mechanical power chains. It is widely used in homes, industries, and agricultural machinery and is connected by a series of short cylindrical industrial roller chains, driven by a gear called a sprocket, it is a simple and efficient power transmission device. So how do you guarantee the service life of an industrial roller chain?


1. Regular visual inspection of the industrial roller chain:


(1) inner/outer chain sheet deformation, cracks, embroidery etch


(2) whether the pin is deformed or rotated, embroidered or etched


(3) whether the roller cracks, damage, excessive wear


(4) whether the joint is loose and deformed


(5) whether there is abnormal sound or vibration during operation and whether the chain is in good lubrication condition


industrial roller chain

2. Industrial roller chain length measurements are carried out on a regular basis:


(1) measure the front chain after cleaning


(2) the tested chain should be enclosed on the two sprockets, and the upper and lower sides of the tested chain should be supported


(3) the chain before measurement should stay for 1 min under the condition of applying one-third of the ultimate tensile load


(4) when measuring, the specified measuring load should be applied on the chain to make both sides of the chain tight, and the chain on the sprocket should ensure the normal cogging


(5) measuring the center distance of two sprockets


3. Regular industrial roller chain elongation measurements:


(1) in order to remove the clearance of the whole chain, it is necessary to apply a certain degree of tension on the chain under the measurement


(2) when measuring, in order to reduce the error as much as possible, measure in 6-10 sections


(3) measure the sizes of the inside L 1 and the outside L 2 between the rollers with the number of sections, in order to find out the judging size L = (l 1 + L 2)/2


(5) calculate the length of the chain extension, which is in contrast to the use limit value of the chain extension of the preceding item


The industrial roller chain has been pre-stretched and lubricated before leaving the factory. The seamless sleeve design ensures the sleeve and the contact area between roller and roller. And also has very strong tensile properties, is the engineering machinery industry and all kinds of the chain have very high requirements of the best choice for the site.

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